Karen Bennett Community Association Consulting

Board Member Assistance

Boards sometimes have expectations that can not be met by their Manager. This frustration can be costly and time consuming for both the Board and the Manager. We step in to assist and resolve issues by mediating or by recommending and/or reorganizing a project. We can provide unique services but we have assisted Boards by:

Auditing their community – Policies, procedures, compliance, insurance, employee review, maintenance and recommendations.

Verifying that their Management costs are reasonable and fair.

Mediating disputes between the Manager/Management Company and the Board.

Assisting on a special project for a brief period of time such as drafting new Rules and Regulations or establishing policies and procedures

Acting as an interim Manager.

Training new Board members.

Providing specifications, questionnaires and a report that leads to finding a new Management Company or Manager.

Representing Boards as an Expert Witness in a lawsuit – Standard of Care



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